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How To Focus On Work In The Age Of Distractions

How to Focus on Work in the Age of Distractions

Think about this scenario for a second: You grab your coffee, sit down at your desk and you’re ready to work for the day, but as you sit down and start to log in, you slowly realize an hour has passed because you were reading about some crime story in Houston on Facebook – a city you don’t even live in! Sadly, distractions on the Internet and in life have taken away probably thousands of hours that could have been productive. So how do you become productive and kick these silly distractions to the curb? Easy, if you follow these tips:
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4 Little Known Ways To Improve Your Productivity

4 Little Known Ways to Improve Your Productivity

Productivity is essential for success in almost any line of work. Whether you’re looking to improve your own freelance output, or have your boss breathing down you neck about looming deadlines, knowing a few tips and tricks to increase your work rate is a career-must. There are plenty of general tips on offer to help improve productivity—think organization tools, brain-training techniques or scheduling and optimization software—but these five tips are out-of-the-box ideas that you can easily add to your daily routine and are great to help with motivation, focus and output.
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